Advantages of using OOH Ad Planner™

March 22, 2016 Admin

Out of home advertising or OOH advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising. It is the easiest and sure fire way to capture the attention of the most number of people. An OOH campaign that is launched properly can increase the brand awareness for a company and also ensure that all organisations regardless of the size get good exposure as long as they select the right media for advertising their brand. After the advent of television the OOH marketing had taken a hit but now that people have the capability to fast forward through advertisements through their digital video recorders, there is a revival in the world of OOH advertising. Unlike other forms of advertising where the television networks or the media persons decide the details of the timing and nature of the advertisement campaign, the OOH needs to be planned effectively by the person who is doing the advertisement. This is the reason why certain OOH firms like Platooh offer a planner along with their OOH management software.

The reasons why an OOH Ad Planner™ are usually web based and allow clients to access the details of a campaign with the least bit of effort. It also allows them to go through a proposal and judge the feasibility of the proposal. Every single media which includes billboards, transit advertisements, malls, gas station, mobile billboards and digital media will be made available for his perusal. Instead of having to deal with the multiple formats that hinder the decision making possibilities of a client or a vendor the OOH Ad Planner™ presents the entire OOH campaign in a cohesive and organised form. This saves money, time and enables the executives to take informed decisions.

Using an OOH Ad Planner™ also ensures that the effort taken to start an OOH campaign is minimised dramatically. As mentioned earlier, in addition to the money that has to be spent in scouting for a suitable OOH media the effort taken cannot be ignored. Driving around for a media, then finding the owner and negotiating for a viable rate and then starting the campaign is only the beginning. It also requires an extensive follow up of the media to learn how effective the campaign has been. With an OOH Ad Planner™ ensures that decision making does not take much time. The cost information and the location if needed can be adjusted and a different scenario and road map can be created within an instant which simplifies the effort required for making decisions. It also allows those companies that do not have a very high OOH budget to plan their campaign over a small area. If needed they can also use short time campaigns over different areas.

To sum up, OOH advertising is seeing resurgence and in order to assist clients and vendors there are several OOH Ad Planners™ in the market. These planners like the one devised by Platooh have made it possible for clients and vendors to come on one platform to find what they need without much difficulty. OOH planners™ have made it possible to use OOH media in an affordable, easier manner that also assists in the decision making process. The travel that was necessary to find suitable OOH media is not required. The effort has been reduced to a fraction of what was required earlier. Executives can sit in the comfort of their offices and make the decisions with all the information at their fingertips. This is indeed a welcome change and will only take the world of OOH advertising to greater heights.

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